View from the Oche: Pikey Pete’s Week 2 Predictions

View from the Oche: Pikey Pete’s  Week 2 Predictions

Division 1 The Vinyls v Those Guys The Vinyls head into this one lacking match practice after unfortunately missing a few games last week due to forfeits from the Pinoys. This could be a classic as both teams boast strong and experienced squads to choose from. Mario returns to the Vinyl fold in all likelihood and Matt and Rick started the season strongly. Old heads Lee and Huck provide backup in what could be a strong singles lineup. They...

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Change in Website/Stats manager

The SIDL committee by unanimous vote has accepted Mark Allan’s “voluntary” stand down of website/statistician and resignation from the SIDL committee. Also by unanimous vote of the committee and agreement with Kevin Kuruvilla, Kevin has been reinstated to sit the committee position and take charge of managing the SIDL Website and stats, effective 3 February 2016.

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New Boards and Fees

The SIDL voted unanimously last year that the SIDL can only accept vnd currency as any fee payments. The SIDL conversion rate is 22,000vnd equals $1.00USD. For new boards and oche stickers, go to Ice Blue and see either Dung Acceptable or Cuong. Each team will receive, only upon payment for the current season, 2 each dart boards and 4 each oche stickers. As per SIDL rules/regs, payment can be deferred until the third week of play. But if...

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