2017 Autumn Fixtures

Division 1
Week 1 Aug-01 Venue
Ice Blue Dirty Blues Ice Blue
The Vinyls Mabuhay All-Stars Vinyl Bar
Those Guys Really Rottens Malt
Buhay na Buhay Baz Bier Garden
Week 2 Aug-08 Venue
Dirty Blues The Vinyls Ice Blue
Mabuhay All-Stars Those Guys Phattys
Really Rottens Buhay na Buhay D2 Bar
Baz Ice Blue Confidant
Week 3 Aug-15 Venue
Ice Blue Mabuhay All-Stars Ice Blue
The Vinyls Really Rottens Vinyl Bar
Those Guys Baz Malt
Buhay na Buhay Dirty Blues Bier Garden
Week 4 Aug-22 Venue
Dirty Blues Those Guys Ice Blue
Really Rottens Ice Blue D2 Bar
Buhay na Buhay Mabuhay All-Stars Bier Garden
Baz The Vinyls Confidant
Week 5 Aug-29 Venue
Ice Blue The Vinyls Ice Blue
Mabuhay All-Stars Dirty Blues Phattys
Those Guys Buhay na Buhay Malt
Baz Really Rottens Confidant
Week 6 Sep-05 Venue
Dirty Blues Really Rottens Ice Blue
The Vinyls Those Guys Vinyl Bar
Mabuhay All-Stars Baz Phattys
Buhay na Buhay Ice Blue Bier Garden
Week 7 Sep-12 Venue
Ice Blue Those Guys Ice Blue
The Vinyls Buhay na Buhay Vinyl Bar
Really Rottens Mabuhay All-Stars D2 Bar
Baz Dirty Blues Confidant
Sep 19 – Team KO Cup Semi-final
Week 8 Sep-26 Venue
Dirty Blues Ice Blue Ice Blue
Mabuhay All-Stars The Vinyls Phattys
Really Rottens Those Guys D2 Bar
Baz Buhay na Buhay Confidant
Week 9 Oct-03 Venue
Ice Blue Baz Ice Blue
The Vinyls Dirty Blues Vinyl Bar
Those Guys Mabuhay All-Stars Malt
Buhay na Buhay Really Rottens Bier Garden
Week 10 Oct-10 Venue
Dirty Blues Buhay na Buhay Ice Blue
Mabuhay All-Stars Ice Blue Phattys
Really Rottens The Vinyls D2 Bar
Baz Those Guys Confidant
Week 11 Oct-17 Venue
Ice Blue Really Rottens Ice Blue
The Vinyls Baz Vinyl Bar
Mabuhay All-Stars Buhay na Buhay Phattys
Those Guys Dirty Blues Malt
Week 12 Oct-24 Venue
Dirty Blues Mabuhay All-Stars Ice Blue
The Vinyls Ice Blue Vinyl Bar
Really Rottens Baz D2 Bar
Buhay na Buhay Those Guys Bier Garden
Week 13 Oct-31 Venue
Ice Blue Buhay na Buhay Ice Blue
Those Guys The Vinyls Malt
Really Rottens Dirty Blues D2 Bar
Baz Mabuhay All-Stars Confidant
Week 14 Nov-07 Venue
Dirty Blues Baz Ice Blue
Mabuhay All-Stars Really Rottens Phattys
Those Guys Ice Blue Malt
Buhay na Buhay The Vinyls Bier Garden
Division 2
Week 1 Aug-01 Venue
Dailos Moob Madhouse Dailo’s
Phatty’s Phukkers bye Phattys
Pinoy Patriots Nomads The Pub
The Tavern No Star Where Tavern
Week 2 Aug-08 Venue
Madhouse The Tavern Game On Downstairs
bye Dailos Moob bye
Nomads Phatty’s Phukkers Malt
No Star Where Pinoy Patriots Game On Upstairs
Week 3 Aug-15 Venue
Dailos Moob No Star Where Dailo’s
Phatty’s Phukkers Madhouse Phattys
Pinoy Patriots bye The Pub
The Tavern Nomads Tavern
Week 4 Aug-22 Venue
Madhouse Pinoy Patriots Game On Downstairs
bye The Tavern bye
Phatty’s Phukkers No Star Where Phattys
Nomads Dailos Moob Malt
Week 5 Aug-29 Venue
Dailos Moob Phatty’s Phukkers Dailo’s
bye Madhouse bye
Pinoy Patriots The Tavern The Pub
No Star Where Nomads Game On Upstairs
Week 6 Sep-05 Venue
Madhouse No Star Where Game On Downstairs
Nomads bye Malt
Pinoy Patriots Dailos Moob The Pub
The Tavern Phatty’s Phukkers Tavern
Week 7 Sep-12 Venue
Dailos Moob The Tavern Dailo’s
Phatty’s Phukkers Pinoy Patriots Phattys
Nomads Madhouse Malt
No Star Where bye Game On Upstairs
Sep 19 – Team KO Cup Semi-final
Week 8 Sep-26 Venue
Madhouse Dailos Moob Game On Downstairs
bye Phatty’s Phukkers bye
Nomads Pinoy Patriots Malt
No Star Where The Tavern Game On Upstairs
Week 9 Oct-03 Venue
Dailos Moob bye Dailo’s
Phatty’s Phukkers Nomads Phattys
Pinoy Patriots No Star Where The Pub
The Tavern Madhouse Tavern
Week 10 Oct-10 Venue
Madhouse Phatty’s Phukkers Game On Downstairs
bye Pinoy Patriots bye
Nomads The Tavern Malt
No Star Where Dailos Moob Game On Upstairs
Week 11 Oct-17 Venue
Dailos Moob Nomads Dailo’s
Pinoy Patriots Madhouse The Pub
No Star Where Phatty’s Phukkers Game On Upstairs
The Tavern bye Tavern
Week 12 Oct-24 Venue
Madhouse bye Game On Downstairs
Phatty’s Phukkers Dailos Moob Phattys
Nomads No Star Where Malt
The Tavern Pinoy Patriots Tavern
Week 13 Oct-31 Venue
Dailos Moob Pinoy Patriots Dailo’s
bye Nomads bye
Phatty’s Phukkers The Tavern Phattys
No Star Where Madhouse Game On Upstairs
Week 14 Nov-07 Venue
Madhouse Nomads Game On Downstairs
bye No Star Where bye
Pinoy Patriots Phatty’s Phukkers The Pub
The Tavern Dailos Moob Tavern
Division 3
Week 1 Aug-01 Venue
Black Magic Bounced Checks Voodoo
D2 Dynamos Disoriented D2 Bar
Vietnam Swans Fat Sharkys Friends Bar
Week 2 Aug-08 Venue
ALAYAH Vietnam Swans Dailo’s
Bounced Checks bye
Disoriented Black Magic Orient Bar
Fat Sharkys D2 Dynamos Fat Shaggy’s
Week 3 Aug-15 Venue
Fat Sharkys bye
Black Magic ALAYAH Voodoo
D2 Dynamos Bounced Checks D2 Bar
Vietnam Swans Disoriented Friends Bar
Week 4 Aug-22 Venue
ALAYAH D2 Dynamos Dailo’s
Bounced Checks Vietnam Swans Vinyl Bar
Black Magic Fat Sharkys Voodoo
Disoriented bye
Week 5 Aug-29 Venue
Black Magic bye
Bounced Checks ALAYAH Vinyl Bar
D2 Dynamos Vietnam Swans D2 Bar
Fat Sharkys Disoriented Fat Shaggy’s
Week 6 Sep-05 Venue
ALAYAH Fat Sharkys Dailo’s
Disoriented Bounced Checks Orient Bar
D2 Dynamos bye
Vietnam Swans Black Magic Friends Bar
Week 7 Sep-12 Venue
Vietnam Swans bye
Black Magic D2 Dynamos Voodoo
Disoriented ALAYAH Orient Bar
Fat Sharkys Bounced Checks Fat Shaggy’s
Week 8 Sep-26 Venue
Bounced Checks Black Magic Vinyl Bar
Disoriented D2 Dynamos Orient Bar
Fat Sharkys Vietnam Swans Fat Shaggy’s
Week 9 Oct-03 Venue
Bounced Checks bye
Black Magic Disoriented Voodoo
D2 Dynamos Fat Sharkys D2 Bar
Vietnam Swans ALAYAH Friends Bar
Week 10 Oct-10 Venue
ALAYAH Black Magic Dailo’s
Bounced Checks D2 Dynamos Vinyl Bar
Disoriented Vietnam Swans Orient Bar
Fat Sharkys bye
Week 11 Oct-17 Venue
Disoriented bye
D2 Dynamos ALAYAH D2 Bar
Fat Sharkys Black Magic Fat Shaggy’s
Vietnam Swans Bounced Checks Friends Bar
Week 12 Oct-24 Venue
ALAYAH Bounced Checks Dailo’s
Black Magic bye
Disoriented Fat Sharkys Orient Bar
Vietnam Swans D2 Dynamos Friends Bar
Week 13 Oct-31 Venue
D2 Dynamos bye
Bounced Checks Disoriented Vinyl Bar
Black Magic Vietnam Swans Voodoo
Fat Sharkys ALAYAH Fat Shaggy’s
Week 14 Nov-07 Venue
ALAYAH Disoriented Dailo’s
Bounced Checks Fat Sharkys Vinyl Bar
D2 Dynamos Black Magic D2 Bar
Vietnam Swans bye