Saigon International Darts League

Format changes for the coming season were voted in at the the AGM.

Division 1

2 Triples (701 1 Leg)
3 Doubles (best of 3 501)(home team shows lineup first)
6 Singles (best of 5)
3 Doubles (best of 3 501)(visiting team shows lineup first)

Division 2/3

3 Doubles (best of 3 501)
6 Singles (best of 3)
3 Doubles (best of 3 501)

In Division 2/3 it was voted that the doubles partners would be changed prior to the second sets of doubles. For example if Rick/Chad were partners for the first doubles, they could not play together in the second set of doubles but would have to be paired with another teammate.

In Division 1 it was voted that there is total freedom for captains to do what they want (repeat partners or repeat same pairings) with the double sets.

It was also voted that Division 2/3 would eliminate the showing of lineups. It was however voted to be kept in Division 1.

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