SIDL 2017-2018 Committee Nominations

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312487_162070623945381_1028907871_n Hi All,

As announced  in a previous post on  the end of the year party , the committee would like to invite nomination for the various committee positions for 2018 . The various committee positions are as follows :

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Accountant
  • Sponsorship
  • Tournament Director
  • Entertainment
  • Website and Stats
  • Media

To nominate someone , please reply to this post with the following information :

  • Nominee
  • Committee Post
  • Team Name
  • Email address

Note: Please note that members can either nominate themselves or nominate another  members name either before the AGM (ie on the website)  or on the night itself .However in case of website nominations of other members , please make sure you have talked to the nominee and have  their consent . The nomination on the website will be open till  the 7th  of December  2017(closes at midnight). The  nominees   will then be voted for at the AGM .

The following table will be updated as we go ..

Post Nominees


 Jeff Spykers



Tournament Director

 Brett Nelson(see proposal below)



Website and Stats

 Brett Nelson(see proposal below)

Media/ Ideas


  1. Nominee: Jeff Spykers
    Committee Post: Chairman
    Team Name: Vinyls
    Email address: As per below

  2. Brett Nelson – Tournament Director/Website and Stats – $3,000/year
    $$/Included – Buy 5 free-standing boards and more tourneys held in banquet halls or locations with bigger areas and alcohol close by.

    $$/Included – Development of stats for World Cup, KO Cup, and other tourneys that are ongoing. Currently we only have stats entry for League Cup.

    $$/Included – Pay an admin to do Photo entry of sheets. No more manual input. I would essentially pay local or hire freelancer to do this.

    Start Late Night Singles Tourney 501 with Cricket. Start time would be something like 9pm and you have to play a certain amount of players throughout the month/year.
    It could also include ranking and challenges, etc. This could be singles or it could be one off of Singles Tournament. This is for people who have a night or 2 a month of late night boozy darts in them.

    $$/Not Included – Arrange Vung Tao Open to get something started for going somewhere. Old Hanoi photos from 2007 is last we have for darters going anywhere. Arrange discounts for rooms and families welcome.

    Strong desire to remove team game and add cricket to Tuesday matches – voted on, I suppose. End result – mix it up and shorten Tuesday nights, not lengthen.

    Tourneys schedule for whole year created by Feb 15th. We should commit to year schedule for all tournaments.

    $$/Included – Create Registration pages and registration pages clearly show who is registered and e-mail recipients when deadline approaches.

    A vote of yes means accepting it’s 3k as I’m not interested in volunteering and some of this stuff requires money. Sounds harsh, but having volunteered the past 10 years…this is what I think is required to move forward

  3. Although I am now based back in the UK, as a past secretary of the SIDL and organizer of the calendar for several years since 2010, I am happy to support Brett Nelson’s nomination for tournament director and to offer my services if he and the rest of the SIDL so decide to continue to prepare the league fixtures and calendar schedule for 2018. I also nominate Jeff Spykers for chairman.

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