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News Report

2020 Winners


List of all winners from 2020


Division 1 Champions - Nomads Division 2 Champions - Those Guys Division 3 Champions - Saigon United
Division 1 Runners Up - Mabuhay All Stars Division 2 Runners Up - SHAFT Division 3 Runners Up - Toro's


Michael Keung K.O. Cup Champions - Nomads Division 2 Cricket Cup Winners - SHAFT Division 3 Cricket Cup Winners - Saigon United
World Cup Champions - Best of British & me World Cup Runners Up - Vietnam                 


Division 1 Singles Champion - Dam Vi Cuong Division 2 Singles Champion - Sam Chan Women's Singles Champion - Tuyen Tran
Division 1 Singles Runner Up - Minh Xu Dang Division 2 Singles Runner Up - Alan Gauld Women's Singles Runner Up - Vi Bi
Mix Doubles Champions - Adrian & Lily Mix Doubles Runners Up - Kieran & Hoa


Division 1 MVP - Minh Xu Dang (Nomads) Division 2 MVP - Peter Knight (Those Guys) Division 3 MVP - Dam Vi Cuong (Saigon United)


Division 1 Ton's 1st Place
Paul Devlin (Fat Shaggy's) 116
Division 2 Ton's 1st Place
Peter Knight (Those Guys) 63
Division 3 Ton's 1st Place
Dam Vi Cuong (Saigon United) 43
Division 1 Ton's 2nd Place
Chad Young (Nomads) 87
Division 2 Ton's 2nd Place
"Mad Dog" Mark Jones (Those Guys) 34
Division 3 Ton's 2nd Place
Steven Coulson (Phatty's Phukkers) 22
Division 1 Ton's 3rd Place
Minh Xu Dang (Nomads) 84
Division 2 Ton's 3rd Place
Dave Slack (SHAFT) 30
Division 3 Ton's 3rd Place
Kevin An (Saigon United) 21


Division 1 Checks 1st Place
Cris Corpuz (Mabuhay All Stars) 65
Chad Young (Nomads) 65
Division 2 Checks 1st Place
Peter Knight (Those Guys) 47
Division 3 Checks 1st Place
Dam Vi Cuong (Saigon United) 34

Division 2 Checks 2nd Place
Gordon Hull (Madhouse) 35
Division 3 Checks 2nd Place
Kevin An (Saigon United) 26
Division 1 Checks 3rd Place
Paul Devlin (Fat Shaggy's) 62
Division 2 Checks 3rd Place
Alan Gauld (Broken Record) 33
Division 3 Checks 3rd Place
Peter Prince (Dtwo Dartaholics) 24

High Checks

Division 1 High Check 1st Place
Minh Xu Dang (Nomads) 136
Division 2 High Check 1st Place
Hien Thanh Nguyen (SHAFT) 143
Division 3 High Check 1st Place
Thao Nguyen (Saigon United) 120
Division 1 High Check 2nd Place
Mark Ton (Nomads) 131
Division 2 High Check 2nd Place
Gordon Hull (Madhouse) 120
Division 3 High Check 2nd Place
Thao Nguyen (Saigon United) 99
Division 1 High Check 3rd Place
Mike Mercado (Pinoy Patriots) 116
Division 2 High Check 3rd Place
Tuyen Tran (Alayah) 118
Division 3 High Check 3rd Place
Tom 'Sheep Shagger' Harris (Phatty's Phukkers) 80

Fast Checks

Division 1 Fast Check 1st Place
Adrian Juvel Ramos (Mabuhay All Stars) 16
Paul Devlin (Fat Shaggy's) 16
Division 2 Fast Check 1st Place
Peter Knight (Those Guys) 16
Division 3 Fast Check 1st Place
Dam Vi Cuong (Saigon United) 19 (Twice)
Division 1 Fast Check 3rd Place
Minh Xu Dang (Nomads) 17 
Raymond Maribojoc (Mabuhay All Stars) 17

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