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Autumn Season - Final Week (14)

11/21/22 | Alan (Div 1) & Guru (Div 2)

Find out what happened the final week of the season, plus who won what!

-----Division 1-----

Saigon United 8-6 over BNB @ TJ’s Bar

First of all apologies to Saigon player Nhan Dai Nguyen - I've been using ‘Dai’ (deadly Dai) over the past few weeks - however Kev corrected me and advised his first name is Nhan. So, no more deadly Dai! Now its N……Nhan? I’ll work on it…

Anyway, two of the three teams tied at second place met in D10 to thrash out the final match of the season… and it didn’t disappoint. The triples round was shared with BNB taking first blood but Saigon coming straight back at them. 1-1 going into the first doubles round.

Saigon suddenly burst into life, perhaps using home advantage, to take all three doubles without dropping a leg. Khang/Pawel, Nhan/Thoan and Kev/Duy all combining to devastating effect. 4-1 to Saigon.

Into the singles, where BNB and Saigon have faired well all season, so it was no surprise that the round was tied 3-3. Adrian blitzed Nhan in a 3-0 victory where he hit an 18 dart leg using a 146 high out shot, that’s top darts! Arnold followed this up with another win for BNB taking down Khang 3-1. BNB were now only trailing by one. Duy then eased past Russ 3-0 but back came BNB through Michael who triumphed over Thoan (3-1). Still only one point in the match. 

Then came a crucial turning point in the match. Pawel and Kevin from Saigon were matched against Mariel and Roden from BNB. Both these games went the distance (3-2) and both went the way of the hosts to give them a 3 point cushion heading into the final doubles round. 7-4 Saigon.

Back came BNB in the first doubles with a 2-0 win for Adrian/Bong over Kev/Thoan. Now trailing by two, BNB were pushing hard and the 2nd doubles was proving to be a close affair. However, Pawel/Khang did not let up and pushed on themselves to take the 2nd game 2-1 over Michael/Arnold guaranteeing Saigon a win and a chance to be runners-up in the league. Up stepped the old ‘deadly double act’ of Duy/Nhan in the final game knowing they had secured a victory and they were ultimately defeated by Mariel/Roden 2-0 for a final score of 8-6.

Some radiant stats were on display from both sides. For Saigon, healthy ton hitters were Duy (10), Pawel (9), Nhan (8), Kevin (7) & Khang (7). Pawel also hit an impressive 6 checks to be the cream of the crop from both sides. Pawel wasn’t finished there, he also recorded a 100 high check, as did Duy with a 90 out. For BNB the big hitters were Roden, Michael and Mariel - each with 7 tons. Roden also hit a 180, g’darts! The checks were shared pretty evenly with Arnold pipping the rest with 4 in total. 

Men of the Match:

Pawel Bandlow (Saigon) - 3 wins, 9 tons, 6 checks & high check (100)

Adrian Ramos (BNB) - 3 wins, 6 tons, 3 checks, fast check (18) & high check (146)

Nomads 12-2 over Pinoy Patriots @ DTwo Sports Pub

This match followed the script and the mighty Nomads have gone another season undefeated and become the deserved Champions once again. Joren and Antonio were bright lights for PP but Nomads’ strength in depth came to the fore again.

Nomads took the opening 5 games 4-1, with Antonio/Joren teaming up to overcome Hung/Minh in the second doubles game 2-0 to claim a point for PP. Into the singles and Nomads dominated with comprehensive wins for Cuong, Hung, Minh, Mark and Chad. Joren showed his skills again with a 3-0 victory against Bill.

As the final doubles round commenced Nomads were 9-2 to the good and cruising home. They didn’t let up and took each of the remaining games 2-0 to win the league in style with a 12-2 margin. The win takes Nomads to 34 points, a winning margin of 12 points over their nearest rivals in second place.

Joren (6&3) and Antonio (5&3) were PP’s most consistent performers, with Ozzy assisting with a further 4 tons. For Nomads, it’ll be no surprise to hear that Cuong pulled a few more tricks out of his sleeve: 12 tons, 5 checks, a 180, a 17 dart fast finish and an 88 high check - to be the stand out player of the season. Minh joined the ‘180 party’ with his own and followed this up with 6 tons / 5 checks. Hung & Chad both checked 6 times to share doubles for dough.

Man of the Match: Dam Vi Cuong (Nomads) - 4 wins, 12 tons, 180, 5 checks, fast check (17) & high check (88)

Fat Shaggy’s 7-7 Mabuhay All Stars @ Fat Shaggy’s

So, another meeting involving a team that could finish 2nd if things went well. FS were hunting for a win that would, probably, confirm 2nd spot in the league. MAS travelled to D2 to take on the would be runners-up in what turned out to be a classic tussle. 

The triples round was shared and FS took the initial doubles round 2-1 courtesy of Eric/Squancy & Josh/Shea. Shea taking out a nice 110 high check in his doubles.   FS were now shading the contest by one point heading into the singles round.

Ryan evened things up when he took on Squancy and took a 3-1 win. Tom hit back for the hosts with a reverse 3-1 against Mario. Then followed two classic encounters that both went 5 legs. In the tie of the round Eric took on MAS’s big gun Cris; this was a superb encounter with blows (on the board) being exchanged in every leg. Eric was scoring extremely heavily and along with a 180, a 19 dart fast leg and 95 high check - he took the game 3-2. Next came Josh up against Raymond. In a gritty contest the game swung between both before Raymond nailed the winning dart. The next two games were shared with a win for Ron (3-1) and Shea (3-0). FS now 6-5 up.

The final pairs round proved to be pivotal in deciding this season’s runners-up. Out came Cris/Ely hitting hard to even things up taking a 2-0 win against Tom/Squancy. Back came FS with in-form Eric and Josh taking down Raymond/Allan in a tighter 2-1 win. Mario and Ryan stood in the way of Shea/Cabby and a FS victory… they took it 2-0, leaving FS with only a point to add to their league tally, allowing Saigon to take the runners-up place after their win over BNB.

Eric was no doubt the man of the match and his full stats will be below - he had a great night on the board. Shea was next best for FS with 11 tons, 5 checks & high check of 110. MAS had Mario with stats of 8&4, Cris 5&4 and Ron 4&5. 

Man of the Match: Eric Vanlatenstein (Fat Shaggy’s) - 4 wins, 14 tons, 180, 5 checks, fast check (19) & high check (95)

-----Division 2-----

LSD 6 - 6 even Dtwo Dartaholics @ Capone’s

On the final game of the season LSD had their first and only point of the season in Division 2 league.

R1 Doubles – Team Dtwo wanting to end the season strong started of by winning all three games thru Andrew, Thomas, Xuan, Travis, Jess, Thuy. The score read 3 – 0 to Dtwo.

Singles – Dtwo and LSD share the spoils for this stage, each team winning 3 sets apiece. Thomas and Travis won the first 2 games for Dtwo. Followed by Danny of LSD won the third game and Katy won the forth game for Dtwo. The last two games were won by LSD mates Dan and Poul. At this moment the score read 6 – 3 with advantage to Dtwo.

R2 Doubles – LSD made a reverse here by winning all three games same same like what Dtwo did in R1 doubles. Dan, Chris, Danny, Poul, Mark, Bryce won all the games without losing a single leg. The score was tied between both teams at 6 – 6.

Man of the Match: Dan Jones (LSD) - 2 wins, 1 tons, 4 checks & high check 85

Madhouse 8 - 4 over BAZ @ Phatty’s

R1 Doubles – First game was won by Steve and Ian for MH. Followed by Micheal and Ludwig from BAZ won the next game. The last game was won by Derak and Clive which game MH a 2 -1 lead.

Singles – MH won 4 games with Quinn, Clive, Steve, Derak. BAZ won 2 games thru Donald and Bradley. Steve Carss also had a High check of 90. MH lead 6 – 3 at this moment needing just 1 more game to wrap up the night.

R2 Doubles – The first game was won by BAZ with Donald and Micheal. Subsequently MH won the last 2 games thru Clive, Quinn, Colin, Stephen. The final score was 8 -4 to Madhouse.

Man of the Match: Clive Heydon (Madhouse) - 3 wins, 4 checks

Wild Bunch 7 - 5 over Alayah @ Hangover

R1 Doubles – Guru and Ryan from Alayah won the first game but Wild Bunch won the next two games thru Kazoo, Marc, Lily, Stephen to take the lead of 2 -1.

Singles – Both teams took 3 games a piece, From Alayah was Alan, Chicken, Ryan. From Wild Bunch it was Red, Stephen, Kazoo. Wild Bunch lead 5 – 4. Both teams still have chances of winning the night.

R2 Doubles – Wild Bunch wanting to finish the season with a win, won the first 2 games thru Kazoo, Stephen, Red, Lily while Sam and Ryan won the last game for Alayah. Wild Bunch won the night with a final score of 7 -5.

Man of the Match: Stephen Brown (Wild Bunch) - 3 wins, 5 checks, 1 Ton

-----Team Winners-----

Division 1 Champions

Division 2 Champions

Division 1 Runners Up
Saigon United

Division 2 Runners Up
Those Guys

-----Individual Winners-----

---Div 1---

Dam Vi Cuong (Nomads) - 198

1st Shea Pellow (Fat Shaggy’s) - 111
2nd PDam Vi Cuong (Nomads) - 109

1st Dam Vi Cuong (Nomads) - 59
2nd Shea Pellow (Fat Shaggy’s) - 58

High Check 
1st & 2nd Adrian Ramos (BNB) - 146, 142

Fast Check 
1st Paul Devlin (Fat Shaggy’s) - 16
2nd Dam Vi Cuong (Nomads) - 17, 17, 17
Honorable mention for also getting 17; Mitsuhiro Maehara (Shooters), Paul Devlin (Fat Shaggy’s), Roden Miramonte (BNB)

---Div 2---

Peter Knight (Those Guys) - 235

1st Peter Knight (Those Guys) - 69
2nd Siva Guru (Alayah) - 68

1st Peter Knight (Those Guys) - 60
2nd Rob Turner (Madhouse) - 42

High Check 
1st Peter Knight (Those Guys) - 128
2nd Riedewaan ‘Red’ Petersen - 122

Fast Check 
1st & 2nd Peter Knight (Those Guys) - 17, 18

Paul Devlin - Fat Shaggy's
Adrian Ramos - BNB

Dam Vi Cuong - Nomads
Alan Gauld - Shooters
Peter Knight - Those Guys
Mitsuhiro Maehara - Shooters
Khang Pham - Saigon United
Chad Young - Nomads
Hoang Minh Nguyen - Nomads

MARIO CARIDA - Mabuhay All Stars
Cris Corpuz - Mabuhay All Stars
Siva Guru - ALAYAH
Jamie Jennings - Shooters
Rex Lauredes - Mabuhay All Stars
Guppy Liem - Nomads
Roden Miramonte - BNB
Duy Nguyen - Saigon United
Nhan Dai Nguyen - Saigon United
Lily Nguyễn Thanh - Wild Bunch
Joren Paredes - Pinoy Patriots
Shea Pellow - Fat Shaggy's
Russ Piatos - BNB
Dave Slack - Shooters
Mike Sommers - Those Guys
Henry Squance - Fat Shaggy's
Bong del Rosario - BNB

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