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Autumn Season - Week 10 Blog

10/25/22 | Alan (Div 1) & Guru (Div 2)

Find out what happened in week 10 of the season...

-----Division 1-----

Nomads 8-6 over Shooters @ Shooters

Nomads started a player down so games were shifted about a little to accommodate. Shooters started strongly, winning the opening triples but then lost two pairs 2-0. However, things were levelled up again through a second triples win for Shooters, taking advantage of a 3v2 situation. Similarly in the third pairs Alex and Dave took a win against solo Mark. 3-2 to Shooters heading into the singles round.

The opening three games went the distance. Nomads took two, in close encounters, with Mark edging out Alan and Cuong slipping past Hiro. Bailey hit back for Shooters in a grudge-fest with Bill. Minh (against Alex) took his 3-0 for Nomads and Jamie (against Hung) took his 3-0 for Shooters. Another fine contest was Chad v Dave, Some lovely steady scoring was on display with Dave pushing the home star all the way, but he was always ‘chasing.’ Chad took it 3-1. But with the score at only 6-5 to Nomads - all was still to play for.

Shooters began to dream of an upset when Hiro/Dave took an opening 2-0 win over Bill/Mark, however those dreams were dashed when Nomads took two convincing 2-0 wins in the final games through Cuong/Hung and Chad/Minh.

Cuong was again in great form, checking 7 times for his team and shooting 11 tons. Chad went one better on the 20 targets with 12 tons. Minh also hit 7 checks and an 84 high check. Bill added to his high check tally with an 80. Hiro again led the way for Shooters with 12&3. Dave, playing his first league game this season, was very steady all night with a nice 7 tons and 4 checks - he also recorded his own 80 high check, g’darts Dave!

This win sees Nomads retain their league title and another Championship in the bag, with three games remaining. Congratulations to all their players.

Men of the Match: Cuong (Nomads) - 3 wins, 11 tons & 7 checks / Dave (Shooters) - 3 wins, 7 tons, 4 checks & high check (80)

BNB 11-3 over Mabuhay All Stars @ Hangover

BNB came out firing with two triples wins and taking 2 out of 3 opening doubles. Cris & Topper taking the only win for MAS. 4-1 to BNB heading into the singles round.

The opening games both went 5 legs, and both went BNB’s way. Bong defeating Mario and Adrian beating Ely. BNB continued this form taking the next 3 games seeing wins for Roden, Arnold and Mariel. They were finally stopped in their tracks in another 5-legger when Topper took down Ricky to leave the overall score at 9-2 to BNB. They went on to compound the defeat on MAS with 2 opening doubles (2-0, 2-1) with only a consolation point for Allan & Topper (2-0) against Bong & Vy. 

A disappointing evening for MAS but Topper had a good night personally winning 3 games and checking 5 times. Mario hit a 180, nice one Mario! The night, not for the first time this season, belonged to BNB. Bong hit a huge 15 tons and checked 4 times. Roden’s stats read 8&5 as well as a lovely 17 dart fast check, it is nice!! Ricky and Arnold also checked 5 times. Adrian checked 4 times including a mightily impressive 142 high check! Adrian in the sky with diamonds! The win keeps BNB in second spot in the league with 3 games remaining.

Man of the Match: Roden (BNB) - 3 wins, 8 tons, 5 checks & fast check (17)

Pinoy Patriots v Fat Shaggy’s @ DTwo Sports Pub

Match cancelled, Pinoy forfeit.

-----Division 2-----

Alayah 8-4 over Dtwo Dartaholics @ Dailos Kitchen & Bar

Freshly after the first defeat of the season Alayah was back to winning ways.

R1 Doubles – Dtwo started of strong by winning the first 2 games thru Thomas, Travis, Thuy, Selina. Alayah won one game thru Eric and Chicken. The score stood at 2-1 to Alayah. Seems like Dtwo is giving a hard fight to Alayah.

Singles – This is where Alayah showed superiority by winning five games out of six. Kieran, Ryan, Ellie, Sam, and Guru won their games with Guru hitting his first 180 of the seasons. Travis took the sole game for Dtwo. The current score showed 6-3 to Alayah. Alayah just needing one more game to win the night and Dtwo needing to win all three doubles game to draw.

R2 Doubles – Alayah secured the win by winning the first two doubles game thru Kieran, Eric, Ryan, Guru. While Selina, Thomas won the last game for Dtwo. The final score to Alayah was 8-4.

Men/Women of the Match: Could not single out any player as it was a Team effort win for Alayah.

Those Guys 9-3 over BAZ @ Bar 67

Those Guys won their 6th straight win tonight.

R1 Doubles – Surprisingly, BAZ took the lead by winning two games thru Nick, James, Micheal, Ludwig to put the early pressure on Those Guys. Peter and Alan took 1 game for Those guys to bring the score 2-1 to BAZ.

Singles – Those Guys went all out and won all six games with and to wrap up the game even before the second doubles ties. Peter, Leon, Alan, Matt, Pat, Mike, secured the wins for Those Guys. What else to say Those Guys were simply formidable for the night.

R2 Doubles – Those Guys wanting more, won two more games thru Peter, Pat, Mike, Leon, and BAZ taking one game thru Donald, Nick to make the score more respectable. 

Special mention to Peter Knight for still being the only undefeated player and having a Fast Check (18) and also a High Check (92)

Man of the Match: Obviously! Peter Knight (Those Guys) - 3 wins, 8 tons, 6 checks & fast checks (18) high check (92)

Madhouse 10-2 over LSD @ Phatty’s

R1 Doubles – Madhouse with high team spirits and lots of cheering won all 3 games thru Derek, Clive, Stephen, Rob, Colin, Quinn. Team LSD was missing players and depleted.

Singles – Continuing on Madhouse won five of the six games thru Quinn, Derek, Steve, Colin, Rob to win the game for the night early. LSD’s sole consolation was Danny.

R2 Doubles – LSD won the first game, but Madhouse won the next two games to have a final score 10-2.

Man of the Match: Rob Turner (Madhouse) - 3 wins, 3 tons, 6 checks

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