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Autumn Season - Week 11 Blog

10/31/22 | Alan (Div 1) & Guru (Div 2)

Find out what happened in week 11 of the season...

-----Division 1-----

Saigon United 9-5 over Fat Shaggy’s @ Fat Shaggy’s

The road team took an impressive 4th away win of this season to go a point behind their opponents in the league - with a game in hand - in what was another solid display from United.

The match started positively for FS when they took both triples to set the early pace. Back came Saigon straight away with all three wins in the first doubles round through Khang Pham/Thao (2-0), Dai/Thoan (2-1) and Duy/Kevin (2-1).

Saigon took the singles round 4-2, despite strong performances from Paul & Shea (both 3-0), FS could not muster enough to pull the score back to a more level footing. The tie of the round was Eric v (Deadly) Dai, going the distance with the Saigon man nicking it 3-2. Khang Pham followed up his doubles whitewash with another one in his singles. Duy also recorded a 3-0 win in his opening encounter with Squancy, a top win against a strong FS player. Meanwhile in game 4 Thoan secured a 3-1 win.

Trailing 7-4, FS needed all three final doubles to get a draw. Things started well with a comprehensive 2-0 win for Shea/Eric over Dai/Thoan. However, Saigon held firm and took the next two with wins for Khang Pham/Thao and Duy/Kevin combos.

Saigon hit 3 high checks; Dai (81), Duy (89) and finally Khang Pham deciding he was most deadly with a devastating out-shot of 120. Shea and Eric were 8 a piece on the ton count with Shea checking most for the home team with 5. Duy and Khang Pham took out 5 checks each for Saigon with Duy matching Shea/Eric on the tons.

Man of the Match: Duy Nguyen (Saigon) - 3 wins, 8 tons, 5 checks & high check (89)

Nomads 10-4 over Mabuhay All Stars @ Phatty’s

Nomads raced into a 6-0 lead, dropping only 3 legs in the process, before MAS won 3 games on the spin and gave themselves a chance in this match. The 3 wins came through Mario, Cris, and Rex in their singles, but Nomads had their secret weapons and some powerful hitters waiting in the wings. Up stepped Cuong followed by Chad who took down Ryan 3-1 and Raymond 3-0 respectively. 8-3 to Nomads.

Cris then returned to the oche with partner Tara who in turn beat Chad/Bill 2-1 in the opening doubles game. This was the only consolation point they gained though, as Melvin/Hung and then Cuong/Minh took the final two games to record a final score of 10-4 in Nomads’ favor.

Cuong was in the limelight again with an incredible array of stats; 2 x 17 fast checks, 80 high check, 13 tons and 6 checks as well as going undefeated all night. Cris for MAS hit a 180, 7 tons and 5 checks. Ryan came out on top for MAS in the ton count with 10 in total. Nomads’ Chad had very steady stats of 9&5 and a 19-dart fast check. Melvin chalked up 7 tons of his own. Hung matched Cuong on checks with 6. Mario (MAS) also got involved hitting not one but two high checks of 89 and 96, g’darts.

Man of the Match: Cuong (Nomads) - 4 wins, 13 tons, 6 checks, 2 x fast checks (17) & high check (80)

Shooters 14-0 over Pinoy Patriots @ Shooters

Match conceded by Pinoy Patriots.

-----Division 2-----

BAZ 8-4 over Dtwo Dartaholics @ Dtwo Sports Pub

R1 Doubles – BAZ started the night by winning all 3 games with James, Ludwig, Charlie, Bradley, Donald, Nick. Not a single leg was won by Dtwo. 3-0 to BAZ.

Singles – This section took an interesting turn as Dtwo and BAZ had a draw. Donald (BAZ) won the first game, then Thuy (Dtwo) won, then Ludwig (BAZ) won, Katy & Thomas (Dtwo) won the next 2 games and finally Bradley (BAZ) won the last game to make is 3-3. But the overall score to BAZ was 6-3.

R2 Doubles – BAZ not wanting a draw or loss, won the first 2 games thru Donald, Charlie, Bradley, Ludwig and Jess, Selina won the last game for Dtwo. Final score to BAZ was 8-4. Dtwo team did give a hard fight to BAZ.

Men of the Match: Donald (BAZ) 3 wins, 2 tons, 6 checks & Ludwig (BAZ) 3 wins, 1 ton, 6 checks 

Wild Bunch 11-1 over LSD @ Capone’s

Wild Bunch nearly had a perfect game.

R1 Doubles – Wild bunch still in the run to top the table won all three games thru Red, Rusty, Kazoo, Marc, Stephen, Lily. LSD had a full team at last but no match to Wild Bunch desire.

Singles – Wild Bunch was on fire as they won 5 games with Kazoo, Liliy, Marc, Stephen, Red and along the way Marc and Red had high checks 91 & 84, respectively. LSD’s only consolation was 1 game won by Dan.

R2 Doubles – Wild Bunch continued the onslaught by win the last remaining 3 games thru Kazoo, Rusty, Red, Stephen, Lily, Marc. LSD definitely need to brush up.

Man of the Match: RED (Wild Bunch) 3 wins, 4 tons, 6 checks, High Check 84  

Those Guys 8-4 over Madhouse @ Malt South

Those Guys continuing their winning rhythm and topping the table for the first time this season. 

R1 Doubles – Those Guys started with Leon, Alan, Peter, Seth to win the first 2 games. And Rob, Stephen from Madhouse took the last game to make the score 2-1 to Those Guys.

Singles – Those guys won 4 games thru Matt, Alan, Peter, and Madhouse won 2 games with Steve, Rob. The score read 6-3 to Those Guys. Madhouse has a chance to draw the game if they won the last 3 doubles. Peter Knight had a great game as he had a High Check of the season at 128 & a 180.

R2 Doubles – Madhouse was determined to draw as they won the first game thru Rob and Quinn. But Those Guys were more determined because they won the other 2 games with Pat, Seth, Peter, Alan in the mix.

Man of the Match: Peter Knight (Those Guys) 3 wins, 6 tons, 180, 5 checks, High Check 128

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