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Autumn Season - Week 12 Blog

11/07/22 | Alan (Div 1) & Guru (Div 2)

As we near to the end of the season, find out what happened in week 12 of action...

-----Division 1-----

Saigon United 9-5 over Shooters @ TJ’s Bar

The home team secured a second consecutive 9-5 win to storm into 2nd place in the league. The damage was done during the singles round, seeing Saigon take the round 4-2. Shooters battled hard throughout but were outshone in those individual games.

The triples round was tied, followed by 3 consecutive doubles wins (2-1, 2-1, 2-0) by the hosts, meaning Shooters were already chasing the match. It turned out they could not catch Saigon on the night.

The tie of the singles round saw Pawel (Saigon) taking on Alan (Shooters), in a rematch from the previous fixture at Shooters. Alan edged in front twice, but each time Pawel came back to level proceedings. In a high-quality affair - with accurate throwing from both - the Shooters’ man finally nailed double tops at his first attempt to take the win.

Duy and Khang both chalked up solid 3-0 wins as did Hiro in his contest with Thao. Kevin (Saigon) and Hien (Shooters) engaged in a highly entertaining match that went the distance. Kevin could not shake off Hien as she kept coming back to level things up before Kevin finally took the last leg hitting a 96 high check in the process. Hien hit her own impressive high check of 118.

With the score standing at 8-3 in Saigon’s favor, Shooters could only seek some consolation points. They gained 2 with doubles victories for Hiro/Alan and Dave/Alex. Khang and TJ taking the last for the home side. 9-5 Saigon.

Duy (9) and Khang (8) led the way on tons for Saigon with Khang also hitting the most checks, claiming 6 doubles. Alan (8) and Dave (7) were top tungsten ton hitters for Shooters, whereas Hiro was king of the outer ring with 6. Hiro also hit another 180 and put away a nice 96 high check to join Kevin and Hien on that list. This win leaves Saigon sitting pretty in 2nd position and with 2 games remaining it is within their own hands to stay there.

Man of the Match: Khang Pham (Saigon) - 3 wins, 8 tons & 6 checks

Mabuhay All Stars 9-5 over Pinoy Patriots @ DTwo Sports Pub

It looks as though PP were a player down but still took the opening two triples’ games to leap into a 2-0 lead. However, MAS put together an outstanding run in the singles round winning 4 consecutive games 3-0 to march ahead and ensure they took a vital win.

In fact, MAS also cruised through the opening doubles round winning all 3 without dropping a leg to dent PP’s hopes of a first league win. This was compounded in that singles run when Ely, Cris, Mario, and Ryan all took whitewash wins against the hosts. Antonio took a solo single point for PP in a tight 3-2 win against Allan Tampo. At 8-3 to MAS, PP were looking to finish strongly and get some more games on the board. They took 2 of the final 3 doubles when Richard/Antonio and Joren/Ryan won 2-1 and 2-0. MAS took the final game 2-0 through their own Ryan and Raymond.

MAS’ Ryan was their best on the night with stats of 5&5, as well as Cris and Raymond who also checked 5 times each. For PP, Antonio checked 4 times and Richard hit 3 tons. The win gives MAS some breathing space down at the bottom as they moved 2 points clear of fellow stragglers Shooters - with a game in hand. PP are resigned to the bottom of the table but will hopefully keep on fighting for any remaining points.

Man of the Match: Ryan Mel Gotis (MAS) - 3 wins, 5 tons & 5 checks

Nomads 10-4 over BNB @ Shooters

Nomads continued their undefeated season with a routine 10-4 win over BNB. The triples round was tied but was followed by 7 straight wins for Nomads through the doubles / singles rounds. 

Nomads saw 5 singles wins. Bill and Arnold fought out a 5-leg marathon, Bill nailing the final double for a 3-2 victory. Guppy, Minh, Cuong and Chad all took their games 3-1 against their BNB opponents leaving BNB with a solo point from Mariel who defeated Hung 3-0. 9-2 to Nomads with 3 doubles to play.

BNB really rallied at the end and took two wins courtesy of Adrian/Ricky 2-1 Minh/Guppy and Russ/Mariel 2-0 Chad/Logan. Meanwhile Hung/Cuong has beaten Sammy/Arnold 2-0.

BNB top scorers were Adrian and Roden with 6 tons, their best checker, assisted by his singles win, was Mariel with 5. Nomads were running out of space on the score sheet as Guppy went crazy on the tons hitting 16 in total and also checking 6 times. Cuong was supporting with some power scoring of his own (11) and was their best checker with 7. Guppy rounded off his evening with a high check of 115 to give him another MOTM moment.

Man of the Match: Guppy (Nomads) - 3 wins, 16 tons, 6 checks & high check (115)

-----Division 2-----

Alayah 8-4 over BAZ @ Bar 67

A pendulum match between both teams, tic for tac.

R1 Doubles – Alayah started the doubles with a win thru Kieran and Guru followed by BAZ winning the next game thru Bradley and Charlie. And the last game was won by Sam and Eric from Alayah giving the score to Alayah 2-1.

Singles – Tic for tac continued with BAZ winning the first game with Bradley. The next game Alan from Alayah won, after which Micheal from BAZ won and then Sam from Alayah won. Up till then the games were seen sawing to each team. But then Guru and Kieran from Alayah won both their games to give an advantage to Alayah. The score read 6 – 3 to Alayah. BAZ was going a though fight to Alayah. They have the capacity to draw. And Alayah needing 1 more win game for the night.

R2 Doubles – BAZ won the first game with Micheal and Nick giving boost to BAZ that they can snatch a draw here. But Alayah’s won the next to games thru Alan, Eric, Kieran, Sam to bring the final score 8 -4 to Alayah.

Man of the Match: Team Alayah for winning as a team.

Madhouse 8-4 over Dtwo Dartaholics @ Phatty’s

R1 Doubles – Madhouse started the night brightly. First game was won by Rob and Stephen from Madhouse. The next game was won by Travis and partner from Dtwo. Last game Madhouse Steve and Rob to bring the score to 2-1 to Madhouse.

Singles – Singles was even as both teams took 3 games apiece. Derak from Madhouse started off with a win followed by Dtwo’s Steven winning the second game. Third game went to Rob of Madhouse. Forth was won by Rigga of Dtwo. Stephen from Madhouse took the fifth game, and the last game went to Dtwo. At this moment Madhouse had a slight advantage with the score at 5 – 4.

R2 Doubles – This is where Madhouse made the difference, because the won all the doubles games thru Derek, Rob, Clive, and Stephen to bring the final score of the night 8-4 to Madhouse.

Man of the Match: Rob Turner (Madhouse) - 4 wins, 7 tons, 6 checks

Wild Bunch 8-4 over Those Guys @ Hangover

Another 8-4 for the week!

R1 Doubles – As usual Those Guys started the night strong by winning the first two games thru Bad, Leon, Peter, Alan. The last game was won by Wild bunch with Lily and Red. The score read 2 – 1 to Those Guys.

Singles – This is where Wild Bunch turned the tables on Those Guys because this stage pressed on their win for the night. To start Alan from Those Guys won the first game. Wild Bunch Marc won the second game. Followed by Rusty of Wild Bunch for the third game. Peter took the forth game for Those Guys and Red from Wild Bunch won the fifth and the sixth game was won by Wild Bunch automatically due to TG only having 5 players, bring the score to 5 – 4. Both teams have a chance to win the game.

R2 Doubles – Surprise surprise Wild Bunch won all their three doubles game. Red and Kazoo took first game followed by Lili and Marc and finally Rusty and Kiet. Wild Bunch played all out and deservingly got a great win.

Man of the Match: Riedewaan "Red" Petersen (Wild Bunch) - 3 wins, 9 tons, 5 checks

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