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Autumn Season - Week 13 Blog

11/14/22 | Alan (Div 1) & Guru (Div 2)

Find out what happen with 1 week left in the season!

-----Division 1-----

Fat Shaggy’s 9-5 over Shooters @ Shooters

The hosts completed their Autumn season with a defeat to ‘Runners-Up’ chasers FS. In a fairly even match up, Shooters could not match the finishing power of the visitors and came up short especially in singles play. The triples round was shared, and FS took the opening doubles round 2-1. 

The tie of the singles round turned out to be the opening game between Dave and Eric. Both scored heavily and were quick to check - Dave also hit his first ever 180 in league play - as he chased down Eric looking for a vital win. Eric held firm with some quality darts to edge home 3-2. Bailey in the meantime had eased past Tom with a straightforward 3-0 win. Alan then stepped up to play Shea, and in another keenly contested game, Shea showed his quality with a 3-1 win. Jamie and Josh played out a real slog with Jamie coming from behind to steal it 3-2. The final two games went for FS with whitewash wins for Paul and Squancy.

With the score standing at 7-4 to FS, Shooters needed all remaining doubles to tie. They huffed and puffed in the initial two games but could only blow down one house with a 2-1 win for Hiro/KK whereas Bailey/Alan went down 2-1 to Shea/Eric. Paul/Cabby also took the final game 2-0 to cement their win. The win keeps FS in the hunt for 2nd place and they are currently tied with BNB and Saigon United on 19 points.

Man of the Match: Paul Devlin (Fat Shaggy’s) - 4 wins, 9 tons & 7 checks

Mabuhay All Stars 7-7 Saigon United @ Phatty’s

All square in this match up. Saigon actually raced into a 3-0 lead but back came MAS with 3 consecutive wins. Following this the match see-sawed between the teams right up to the final doubles seeing a tight victory for MAS to tie the match.

In the singles Saigon’s deadly double act kept up their excellent form when Dai took down Raymond 3-0 and Duy beat Ron 3-1. Pawel also had a strong win against Cris, taking it 3-1. For MAS, their 3 wins came via Mario, Rex, and Allan against Khang, Thoan and Kevin.

Saigon were now 6-5 up with the final doubles round to play. Mario/Rex took a vital opening game 2-0 against Kevin/Duy to tie things up once again. Back came Thoan/Dai with a 2-1 win against Allan/Ron to edge ahead again. The final game was tense and tight but finally Cris/Raymond took the winning double against Pawel/Khang to win 2-1 and see the match drawn at 7-7.

Khang smashed 10 tons for Saigon and Cris almost matched him with 8 for MAS. Rex and Allan topped the checks for MAS with 5 each - Saigon’s Dai replicated this with 5 of his own. Stats wise no one player really stood out, but Saigon’s Duy won 3 out of 4 and had stats of 7&3 to take the MOTM award.

Man of the Match: Duy Nguyen (Saigon United) - 3 wins, 7 tons & 3 checks

BNB 11-3 over Pinoy Patriots @ Hangover Bar

BNB were in good form and they almost managed to hit 50 tons on the night in a scoring-fest against league struggler's PP. Michael Mercado (14) and Bong (12) were responsible for pushing the 50 marks. PP fought hard however and hit 22 tons over the evening and took 2 singles victories through Joren and Antonio.

‘The Mercados’ both chalked up 3-0 wins in their singles while Adrian and Bong took much closer games, winning by the odd leg in 5. BNB also took all 3 of the final doubles round to take the game 11-3 and remain in 2nd place in the league. The final matches of the season will be crucial to name the runners-up spot and BNB travel to Saigon United, who themselves sit on the same points as BNB and Fat Shaggy’s. Game on!

Man of the Match: Bong (BNB) - 4 wins, 12 tons & 7 checks

-----Division 2-----

Champions ALAYAH 10 - 2 over Madhouse @ Dailos Kitchen & Bar

Alayah crowned as Champions of Division 2. After 4 long years, Alayah has been promoted back to Division 1. Congratulations to Team ALAYAH for have a magnificent season. And for today’s game every single player of Alayah had at least 1 check to celebrate the night away. Cheer!

R1 Doubles – Madhouse started the night by winning the first game thru Derak and Heydon, but Alayah looking to seal the Championship won the next 2 games thru Kieran, Guru, Chicken, Eric to give Alayah a 2 -1 lead.

Singles – Alayah dominated this stage by winning five games out of six thru Kieran, Alan, Guru, Ryan, Sam. Madhouse took one game thru Ian. Kieran from Alayah also had a fast check of 19 darts. The score read 7 -2 to Alayah which means they have already become Champions of Division 2. The beers started pouring in with loud cheers!!!

R2 Doubles – Even thou the game had been wrapped up Alayah still wanted more wins, as such the last 3 games was also won by Alayah with Eric, XQME, Sam, Soso, Chicken, Ellie all playing to make the final score 10 – 2.

Team of the Match: Champions Alayah

Wild Bunch 7 - 5 over Dtwo Dartaholics @ Dtwo Sports Pub

R1 Doubles – Wild Bunch started the night strongly by winning the first 2 games thru Lily. Mr 8, Stephen, Marc. The last game was taken by Thomas, Steven of Dtwo. The score was 2 – 1 to Wild bunch.

Singles – Red from Wild bunch won the first game followed by three in a row from Dtwo team thru Katy, Steven, Thomas. That stunned Wild Bunch as such they upped a gear and they won the last 2 games thru Lily, Marc to bring the score 5 – 4 to Wild Bunch. It is a Win Lose Draw situation for both teams now. 

R2 Doubles – Both teams hustling each other to play well, Wild Bunch drew first win with Rusty, Mr 8. But Thuy, Steven from Dtwo kept up the pressure by winning the next game. And by the slightest of margins the last game was won by Marc, Lily to make the score 7 -5 to have a narrow win and an unlucky but spirited loss for Dtwo. Either way it was an adrenaline game.

Woman of the Match: Lily (Wild Bunch) - 3 wins, 3 tons & 3 checks

Those Guys 10 - 2 over LSD @ Malt South

Last game of the season for Those Guys and they finished second in Division 2. 

R1 Doubles – As usual Those Guys game with a full team and surprisingly LSD had a full team too. Those Guys took the first game thru Peter, Leon, LSD took the next game with Bryce, Mark. The last game went to Those Guys with Mike, Matt. The score read 2 – 1 to Those Guys in the lead.

Singles – This was straight forward as Those Guys won five of the six games thru Leon, Pat, Mike, Matt, Peter. While LSD’s sole game was by Poul. Those Guys had already secured the win with a score of 7 -2.

R2 Doubles – Those Guys continuing on with their winning won all three doubles games with Pat, Leon, Mike, Alan, Peter, Matt to bring the final score for the night 10 -2 to Those Guys.

Men of the Match: Pat; 2 wins & Mike; 3 wins (Those Guys) - 1 ton & 5 checks each

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