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Spring Season - Week 3 Blog

02/24/23 | Alan (Div 1) & Rusty (Div 2)

Read what happened in the 3rd week of the season...

-----Division 1-----

Shooters 10-2 over Wizards @ Shooters

The home side dominated proceedings straight off the bat racing into a 4-0 lead before Ron magically pulled a point back for Wizards with a 3-0 win in his singles. However Shooters were quick to get back to winning ways taking the next 6 games to lead 10-1 before ultimately losing the final doubles game to get the Wizards to 2.

Wizards did prove to be very competitive in the singles round where they lost four of the games 3-2 and on another night the score could have been different - but with Shooters showing great determination - the night belonged to them.

Bailey (Shooters) surprised everyone by shooting upstairs for his scoring darts - and he had a very successful night hitting 8 tons and winning all of his games. Similarly Alan, Hiro and Kazu went undefeated for Shooters. Kazu and Alan teamed up in the final doubles round and in the final leg Kazu nailed a 180 to leave 9 remaining. Alan stepped up and hit 1, 4 and then double 2 to take the game 3-2! Wizards saw Ron win 2 out of 3 and he also took out a nice high check of 94 to be their stand out player. Cris was Wizard’s best scorer with 7 tons.

Hiro had stats of 12&7, Alan 9&8, Jamie checked 5 times, Kazu hit 7 tons and his 180, Ron dug deep with 6 checks and his high check but Shooters’ Bailey takes MOTM with his overall performance and straight shooting on his new 20’s target! 

Man of the Match: Bailey Paul (Shooters) - 3 wins, 8 tons & 5 checks

Nomads 7-5 over Alayah @ Dailos

This match went down to the wire with Nomads taking the final doubles game to secure the win and move above the hosts in the league. Nomads were helped by winning 4 singles on the spin through Cuong (3-1), Minh, Bill and Chad (all 3-0). Kieran and Shea taking singles wins for Alayah (both 3-1). 

Alayah were trailing 5-4 heading into the final doubles round and went further behind when Chad/Minh overcame Sam/Soso 3-0. Back came Alayah with a 3-0 win of their own seeing Kieran/Shea beating Cuong/Adrian. So the scene was set for a final battle to decide the points. The battle turned very much in Nomads’ favour and they marched onto a 3-0 win through Bill/Melvin. 

Shea & Kieran both checked 6 times for Alayah. Kieran won all his games and was steady on the tons with 9. Guru also claimed a high check of 120 to add to his 83 from week 2. For Nomads, Cuong was 9&3, 180 and a 19 dart fast check. Chad went undefeated with 8&5, including a ton plus out of 106. Bill was their best on the outer ring with 7. Melvin also weighed in with 9 tons.

Man of the Match: Chad Young (Nomads) - 3 wins, 8 tons, 5 checks & high check (106)

Thao Dien Raiders 7-5 over BNB @ Evita

Raiders found themselves 4-2 behind in their first game at their new home and had to rally to take all 3 points. Mariel, Bong and Mark all took their singles 3-2 to open up that lead for the road team before Cabby, Eric and Paul dropped only 1 leg between them to take the game to 5-4 in their favour.

Raiders then secured at least a point when Eric/Josh nicked a 3-2 win over Mariel/Russ before Paul/Cabby secured the win taking down Vy/Ken three to zip. BNB took a consolation point through Bong/Mark who defeated Squancy/Tom 3-1.

Paul (Raiders) had a great night claiming 3 wins without dropping a single leg - he hit 14 tons, a 180, 8 checks and two fast checks. Eric was also hot on the treble 20 taking 12 tons and contributing with 7 checks. Josh was on the ton-meter with 7 of his own. BNB’s Mark claimed 10 tons for the road team and Mariel delighted on doubles with 8.

The win takes Raiders into 4th spot and a successful debut at Evita in Thao Dien. BNB pushed hard and remain just a place below in 5th.

Man of the Match: Paul Devlin (Raiders) - 3 wins, 14 tons, 180, 8 checks & 2 x fast checks (18 & 20 darts)

Saigon United 9-3 over Those Guys @ Malt South

A clean sweep in the singles round was more than enough for Saigon to take another win and maintain their 100% start to the season. The highlight for TG was the double duo of Peter/Dan who teamed up twice and took two wins (3-1 & 3-0).

Khang, Duy, Kevin and Nhan all chalked up 3-0 wins with Guppy & Thoan taking closer victories. Saigon found themselves guaranteed of all 3 points prior to the final round, when TG went on to win 2 of 3 to show their battling qualities in the face of defeat.

The home side was led by Peter with 9 tons and 5 checks. Devon also chipped in with 5 checks. Dan hailed a good night for him on the board with a 180! Saigon produced some serious firing power hitting 38 tons in total. Duy (10), Guppy (7), Khang (7) and Nhan (6) were the biggest hitters. The deadly duo of Duy & Nhan (DND) claimed most doubles with 7 & 6 respectively. Duy amazingly took out not one, but two, 115 checks! Khang took out another high of 100 and nailed a 19 dart fast check.

Man of the Match: Duy Nguyen (Saigon) - 2 wins, 10 tons, 7 checks & 2 x high checks (115, 115)

-----DIVISION 2-----


An amazing balancing act in Division 2 – featuring 3 identical 6-6 Draws – kicked off this week at the Hangover bar in d1. The ‘Crazy’ host team were finally enjoying their first real action of the Season – having won a walkover in week 1 without the privilege of throwing one dart in anger. What ensued seemed to be an eventful and enjoyable night between well-matched sides. (A common theme of the week...) 

Pinoy Patriots started off on the front foot, taking 2 of the first 3 Doubles, highlighted by some good scoring from Pinoys Freddie, Khen, Richard and Jan Ray. This trend continued into the Singles, as Freddie, Jan Ray and Joren won 3 of the opening 4 rounds to put the visitors up 5-2. 

That’s where the worm turned for Crazy Hangover: “Queen of the Hangover” Khuyen  – playing possibly her first League singles match --  shocked everyone with a clutch 2-1 win over Khen. Then KK, in his Crazy Hangover debut, won his Singles as well to draw closer: 5-4 Pinoys entering the last Pairs. After splitting 2 more games, it was 6-5 with one more match to play. More surprises were in store! Tammy hit the final double to check her first league game in leg 1, before Sinh stunned the room with a high check 82 – nailing the center bull with the exclamation point! – to seal the Draw. 

A night of quality darts and drama, with standout performances from Pinoy’s Freddie (high check 92, 2 wins, 2 tons and 4 checks) and Joren (3 tons and 5 checks); the host team was paced by Hung (look out Division 2!) who hit 2 high checks among his other stats (see below). Khuyen also deserves mentionfor 2 wins, a ton and 2 checks, while the rest of the team all pitched in (including Eric, who checked with his off-hand). 

Man of the Match 

Hangover Hung (2 wins, 7 tons, 5 checks, with 92 & 100 included)


DTwo maintains their Division Top Spot with 5 points from 3 matches played, but another comeback sees Wild Darts earn their first league point in the final match to earn the Draw, after falling behind in 0-3 hole. 

Enjoying their home venue advantage, Dartaholics started brightly by sweeping the opening Doubles. But the visitors answered strongly in Singles, winning the first 3 matches through Lily, Riderking KC and Steve Ball. Then things went back-and-forth, wins by Sheepshagger Tom and Geordie (DTwo) sandwiched around a W from Hien (WD). 

With the score at 5-4 to Dartaholics, it was all to play for in the last Pairs. All the games seemed quite competitive, and it could have gone either way. Geordie and Terry won 2-1 to make it 6-4, while Lily and Stephen restored balance with their own 2-1 win. And then Hien and Steve pulled off a Wild 2-0 win to officially level up it up for the night. 

Geordie continued with the hot hand to lead the hosts in a balanced display of teamwork. Travis pitched in with 4 tons and 4 checks while Thuy added 2 and 3, respectively. The visitors (WD) also showed a balanced team effort, led by the ladies (Hien, 2 tons & 4 doubles; Lily with stats of 4&3). 

Man of the Match: Geordie, DTwo (3 wins, 5 tons, 4 checks) 

BAZ VS. MADHOUSE (6-6 DRAW) @ Kusinero 

Details are sketchy as the scores hadn’t been made official at press time, but it looks like another even match took place, this time at a new venue, Kusinero. Baz, the home team, were looking to go top of the table with another win, while Madhouse was hoping for their first victory of the Season after back-to-back Draws. Nevertheless, the result on this day was fated to be more ‘sister kissing’.

Madhouse – playing short-handed with 5 players – found themselves in a hole on the wrong side of a 4-1 tally, with 4 singles still to go. Yet Madhouse managed to sweep them, with Baz being very sporting it seems, charitably allowing them to play out the vacant singles spot. 

This left it 5-4 to the visitors going into the last Doubles. Baz won the first tie via Bradley and Marc, then Captain Colin checked twice to earn the next win. Baz’s star on the night, ‘Super’ Mario, then checked twice without answer to sneak out the point. Draw specialists Madhouse were led by Colin (2 tons, 4 checks) and Derek with a dandy 126 high check amidst his 3 checkouts.

Man of the Match: Mario (Baz) with 2 tons 6 checks, including an 80 checkout

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