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Spring Season - Week 5 Blog

03/11/23 | Alan (Div 1) & Rusty (Div 2)

Read what happened in week 5...

-----Division 1-----

Saigon United 10-2 over Shooters @ Shooters 

The current league leaders cruised to their biggest win to date and in doing so inflicted a second consecutive 10-2 defeat for Shooters. It was won in the singles round where Saigon amazingly took every game 3-1. They also won both doubles rounds to capture this emphatic result. 

In the first doubles games both were close affairs, ending 3-2, one for both sides. Alan/Bailey faced Khang/Pawel and with a little help from a 180 score for Bailey, Alan then happily took out 62 in two darts to claim the final leg. In the other Dave/Kabel took on Guppy/Thoan and in another epic battle Guppy secured the win with the final dart at the double. After this, the match was Saigon’s.

Bailey was joined by Dave (Shooters) and Guppy (Saigon) in hitting 180’s. Dave also gained a further 7 tons and 5 checks whereas Guppy was even more deadly with 8&7.  Kevin and Pawel (Saigon) also had a good night with 12 tons and 11 checks between them.

Man of the Match: Guppy (Saigon United) - 3 wins, 8 tons, 180 & 7 checks

Nomads 10-2 over Thao Dien Raiders @ Evita 

Nomads kept on the heels of Saigon with an impressive 10-2 win of their own. Although going behind early, losing to (still) in-form Cabby/Paul, they wasted no time in reeling Raiders back by taking the next two doubles and then 5/6 singles games. Post-singles, they hammered home their advantage taking all three final doubles.

For Raiders, despite being on the losing side, Paul’s leg ratio was 8-3 in his favour - checking every double - he gained 15 tons and a high check of 105. Squancy was scoring well with 11 tons and Eric backed them up with 7 tons. Nomads however spread the love throughout their team: ton counts were Adrian (8), Chad (7), Cuong (5), Bill (5), Melvin (3) and Minh (3). Top doublers were Chad (6) and Bill, Cuong, Minh and Adrian all with 5. On top of this Chad took a 19 dart fast and 124 high check. Cuong casually nailed a 180.

Man of the Match: Chad Young (Nomads) - 3 wins, 7 tons, 6 checks, fast check (19) & high check (124)

Wizards 6-6 Those Guys @ Wand Resto Bar

Wizards picked up their first point of the season while TG doubled their points tally in the process - in what was an extraordinary match in D2. TG raced into a 5-1 lead (dropping only 5 legs) and seemed to be cruising towards victory, not allowing for the Wizards revealing one of their new tricks - a devastating come back! Game by game Wizards clawed their way back, taking 5 on the spin to lead 6-5. TG were mesmerised by this ‘illusion’ but managed to shake off the spell and take the final doubles game 3-1 through captain Peter and Julian. What a climax! Teams tied at 6 a piece and a league point for both.

The home team (Wizards) stand out player was Allan Tampo, winning 2 games with stats of 4&4. Topper also checked in with 5 winning doubles, Alex checked 4 times. The road team saw Alan Rose go T20-tastic with 8 tons (3 checks). Peter was in the mix especially on doubles hitting 8 checks (5 tons). Devon, Leon and Julian all checked 3 times.

Man of the Match: Peter Knight (Those Guys) - 3 wins, 5 tons & 8 checks

Alayah 7-5 over BNB @ Dailos

The home side found themselves 0-3 behind albeit in a very tight doubles round. Shea and Alan helped to remedy this with opening singles wins (3-0 & 3-1). Back came BNB with a brace of wins through Bong and Arnold - BNB now 5-2 up overall and seemingly on their way to some more league points. 

Alayah clearly hadn’t read the script. They went on to win all of the remaining games to edge out the road team by 2 clear games, 7-5. Sam and Kieran started the come back: Sam took on Mark, winning 3-1 while Kieran edged out Mariel in a full blown best of 5. Then, in another very edgy and tight final doubles round Alayah held firm taking the games 3-2, 3-1, 3-2.

9 players toed the oche for Alayah. Shea shone bright with 13&8 stats on the board and taking his 3rd 180 so far this season. Kieran scored next best with 6 (5 checks). Sam & Alan recorded 5 checks each. Alan didn’t just settle for that as he took out a super 115 high check. Kieran certainly didn’t settle for his tally - taking a high check triplet - 80, 96 & 110! G’darts!

BNB’s Mariel (9&7) and Arnold (8&7) shook the dart board foundations with their darts. Bong showed his tungsten technique with 4&7.

Man of the Match: Kieran Murphy (Alayah) - 2 wins, 6 tons, 5 checks & 3 x high checks (80, 96, 110)

-----Division 2-----
Week 5 Summary: Crazy Hangover and Pinoy Patriots continued to pace each other at the top of the table, with Hangover staying top on better legs differential. As usual, all the games were competitive, but at least each match didn't end with the same score (but almost!) 

Crazy Hangover 8-4 over Madhouse @Hangover 

CH took care of business on their home boards against a barebones version of Madhouse to stay top of the League. However the visitors could be encouraged that their 4 players essentially split the 8 matches they played before filling in the gaps with the 'clone' legs. 

Hangover will take comfort in their checking prowess on the evening regardless, as they were able to maximize their roster to sweep those remaining 4 matches without dropping a leg. Another bright spot for CH was welcoming a new player, Bird Koh, who impressed with 3 tons and 2 checks on his debut. Other notable performers for the winning side included KK with 5 tons and a couple checkouts, while Sinh and Kiet contributed 4 checks apiece to round out the good team effort. In defeat, Madhouse Rob won all 3 of his (original) matches and hit 5 checks, while Colin had 5 tons & 2 checks of his own.  

Man of the Match: CH player KK (Karthikeyan Krishnamoorthy) won both of his matches, including 2-0 over the aforementioned Rob while hitting 5 tons along the way. 

Pinoy Patriots 7-5 over BAZ @Kusinero 

A well-contested matchup went back-and-forth before the relegated Pinoy Patriots won the final match 2-zip to claim the 3 points, thereby staying level (but in 2nd) at the top of the table. 

Joren and L.A. Lawrence got things started with a victory in first Pairs, but BAZ answered back wby winning the next one via Tara and Donald. Entering the Singles with a 2-1 advantage, Pinoy surged ahead by taking 3 out of the first 4 solo matchups, all by 2-0 scores. Those wins (by Freddie, L.A. and Richard) were answered by Maria for BAZ; then with the score at 5-2 in favor of PP, BAZ's Marc and Donald clawed back 2 more Singles wins. After a bit more back-and-forth, the match ultimately went down to the last Doubles pairs, where Khen and Richard got it done to clinch the team W. 

Tough luck loss for BAZ, but some highlights in their play included Donald, who won all 3 of his matches with 3 tons and checks each, and Marc Marcelo who threw 6 Triple digits and hit 4 checks. 

Man of the Match: Richard Abayon (PP) with 3 wins, 3 tons and 4 checks. 

LSD 7-5 over Wild Darts @the Hideout 

A clash of rivals at the bottom of the standings was edged by the visiting team, for their first League victory since May. 

LSD started brightly by winning the opening 2 Doubles, with each of the 4 traveling players -- Michael, Dan, Bryce and Rusty -- hitting the outer ring (a 5th member would make the trip later). The LSD good vibes carried over to Singles, with 3 early wins from Rusty, Dan and Michael. WD got Singles wins from KC, Luke and Stephen to narrow the gap. 

But the long-awaited win for LSD was finally secured in the last Pairs. The home team standouts on the night included KC and Hien with 3 tons each the top game finishers were KC (5 checks) and Luke (4). The winners were led by Michael with 3 tons and 4 checks as well as your humble narrator:

Man of the Match: Rusty Del Tropo (3 wins, 4 tons, 4 checks)

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