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Week 1

02/01/21 | Rusty & Alan

What happened in the 1st week in the league

SIDL Spring 2021 - Week 1  Match Reports

Div 1

Nomads 12-2 over Really Rottens [Shooters, d1]

Perennial Champs NOMADS got the ball rolling in a familiar direction, taking their first home match of the new year against Really Rottens, 12-2  at Shooters.

Captain Chad was “hot”, peppering the 20s with 12 tons on the night, on the way to winning all his matches for his team. He had good company on the team, as Xu contributed 5 checks and 4 tons, while Melvin pitched in with 4 checks, 5 tons and a 19-darter Fast Check!

For the visiting RR’s, Ollie Klabis stood out with 7 tons and 3 checks in the losing effort. 

Man of the Match: Chad Young (4 wins, 180, 6 checks and 12 tons)

Fat Shaggy’s 10-4 over Those Guys [Malt South, d7]

Fat Shaggy’s got the season kicked off in style with an away win in the South, rudely welcoming Division 1 newcomers Those Guys.  FS showed a good team effort led by Henry  and Paul (8 tons, 6 checks), but both teams were hot with nearly 50 tons between the 2 sides. 

It seemed to come down to checking when the opportunity arose, and that was the difference in the match, according to TG Captain Pete. 

Those Guys were paced by Big Pete with 6 checks and 8 tons, and ‘Mad Dog’ Jones pitched in with 7 tons and 4 checks.

Man of the Match: Henry Squance (4 wins, 7 checks, and 9 tons!)

Mabuhay All-Stars 10-4 over BNB [Blue Gecko, d1]

A well-balanced Mabuhay squad triumphed over BNB in the Week 1 clash of rivals. Neil led the team by winning every match he took part in, and got lots of help from his friends, in particular Cris (5 checks and 5 tons) Ron (5 checks) and Raymond (3 checks, 5 tons). 

Man of the Match: Neil Bautista (4 wins, 5 checks, 1 ton)

*Division 1 MVP for Week 1: Chad Young  (won 4, 12 tons, 6 checks, and a sweet 180 )

Div 2 

Saigon United 9-3 over Madhouse [TJ’s, d10]

Kevin An reports that they had a spirited match to open the season, lots of enthusiasm and good play on both sides, though a glance at the scoresheet reveals Madhouse wasn’t at full strength.  

The home team was led by Cuong, with 4 tons and 4 checks, but it was a balanced team effort, with everyone chipping in, led by Duy with 4 checks as well. 

Captain Colin Johnston led the valiant but ultimately unlucky losing effort with 3 checks and 3 tons. 

Man of the Match: Cuong

BAZ 8-4 over Broken Record [Brix, d1]

A match where the home team were always chasing the road team. BAZ started strongly in the pairs with Headcase & William notching up a comfortable 2-0 win. David & Alan made it all square winning their double (also 2-0) but after that BAZ showed their dominance.

BAZ were 4-2 up half way through the singles matches. The pivotal match proved to be Alan v Marc in the singles where a win for Alan would have closed the gap. Tied at 1-1, Alan forged ahead in the final leg, hitting 3 consecutive scores of 81 leaving him around 200 points ahead of Marc. However some sloppy darts left him on D1 and Marc fought back nicely and sunk the winning double. 5-2 to BAZ.

After that BAZ won 3 of the remaining 5 matches to take it 8-4. In a dim night for Broken Record their one shining light was David Motoz who won all of his matches, only dropping one leg in the process.  BAZ had some very good performers, especially in Marc Marcelo (won 3, checked 5 times, and hit 4 tons) and William Law (won 3, 4 checks, and a ton). They also chalked up a high check finish with Headcase taking out 82. Boom!

Man of the Match: Marc Marcelo

SHAFT 12-0 over Pinoy Patriots (without having to throw an arrow in anger!)

SHAFT vs. Pinoy Patriots was called off, as Pinoy couldn’t muster numbers. 

*Division 2 MVP for Week 1: Marc Marcelo (won 3, tons 4, checks 5)

Div 3 

Flight Club 7-5 over Phatty’s Phukkers [Phatty’s, d1]

Flight Club, one of the 2 upstart teams in Division 3 this year (along with LSD), found success in their maiden voyage with a narrow win in a close match against Phatty’s Phukkers.

When pressed for comment, Phatty’s Captain Tom ‘Sheep Shagger’ graciously congratulated the new team on the win, albeit following a sardonic bit of Tourrette’s Syndrome-slagging. Winning Captain Roost acknowledged the win was partially down to good fortune, being able to win all 3 of his matches while not once having to face the Big 3 of Geordie, Rigga and Sheep Shagger. But his teammates played well, paced by ex-APT standout Huan with 4 checks and a ton, and newcomer Mark Kooji with 3 checks and 4 tons. Roost was somehow able to check 6 times, though half of them came in woeful ‘Madhouse-no-bust!’ fashion (that is agonizing to endure and leaves everyone involved -- losers as well -- relieved to finally have it over with...)

Phatty’s was unlucky despite the great play of Stephen Coulson, who hit a high check 96 on the way to 3 wins, 5 checks, and 7 tons. 

Man of the Match: Stephen ‘Geordie’ Coulson

Toro’s 11-1 over ALAYAH [Toro’s, d1]

A very well-balanced Toro’s team served notice to the rest of the League -- and ALAYAH specifically -- that they should be considered front-runners for the Division 3 trophy, with a dominant performance at home. Sam and Soso were able to take one of the first 3 Doubles, but after that it was all Toro’s.

Alayah didn’t seem to have trouble scoring, as the scoresheet shows 16 tons. But it looks as if the home side was opportunistic, nailing their checks to finish things up tidily when they had the chance. 

Standouts included: Michael Mercado (3 checks and 6 tons) and Alex Zulieta (4 checks, 6 tons)

Man of the Match: Ely (5 checks, 3 tons, and the Single’s win to clinch the match early)

LSD 7-5 over Dtwo Dartaholics [D2 Sports Pub, d2]

SIDL debutantes LSD were triumphant in their first League match against Thao Dien neighbours D2 Dartaholics. Personal accounts have been hard to come by, but a glance at the scoresheet reveals a stirring come-from-behind win, as the visitors took all 3 of the Final Pairs matches to win the day, with backs against the wall. 

Everyone played a part to chip in, as 4 different players contributed 3 checks apiece. 

For the unlucky hosts, their ladies paced the effort, Susan Lloyd with 4 checks and 2 tons, and Thuy checking 3 times and hitting a ton. 

MVP --  ? / unknown (still waiting on ‘Prince of Pork’ commentary)


Participants in some of the teams / matches did not respond to messages in attempt to gather tidbits for these reports. If interested in more first-hand accounts, please reply to Alan or Rusty in the Viber Captains thread, or email

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